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Product Feature
High conversion efficiency: as high as 16.0% by means of modules materials and advanced workmanship
Self cleaning and antireflection: the antireflection coating on the surface of modules can not only enhance light absorption, but also enables the modules to clean themselves on rainy days

Positive tolerance: a 0~+5w positive tolerance of peak output guarantees the liability of modules

High wind load and snow load test: modules can withstand 2400Pa in terms of wind load and 5400Pa in terms of snow load, which shows high pressure resistance.

We are certified by the international certification organization and adopt the strict international standard quality management system:ISO9001:2008

The junction boxes with IP67 standard enables installation from various angles and the connectors with high efficiency and low resistance ensure the maximum power output as well as reducing the area of junction boxes which decreases the influence that junction boxes have on radiation. All those add to the reliability of our modules.

The lightened al-frame decreases the weight of modules and reduces cost for system design and installation

Tasty Egg Roast Prepared with Tomatoes

Tasty Egg Roast Prepared with Tomatoes, Green Chillies

Tasty Egg Roast Prepared with Chilly, spring onion & Tomatoes

Tasty egg roast ready to eat prepared at home. 

Egg Roast Ingredients

Egg: 4 (country eggs boiled)
Onion - 150 gm ( sliced into small pieces)
Green Chilly - 4
Tomatoes : 3 ( sliced)
Salt : 1 tea spoon
Oil - 1 table spoon

Latest News and Reports: Mala Aravindan Passed Away | Malayalam Film Actor, Comedian

Latest News and Reports: Mala Aravindan Passed Away | Malayalam Film Actor, Comedian

Famous comedian of Malayalam Film, Mala Aravindan passed away. He was 76 year old. Mala Aravindan was under critical stage for last 5 days in a private hospital at Coimbatore due to serious heart attack.

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